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Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) Training

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Emotional & Spiritual Care
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Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) Training

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Get ready to embrace one of the most fulfilling and influential roles as an ADRN volunteer within your church: the Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS). As a DRS, you become a beacon of hope and support for families who may have experienced unimaginable loss during a disaster. Your willingness to walk alongside them throughout the recovery offers them the stability and care they need to rebuild their lives and move forward. This training hones your skills, expands your knowledge, and equips you with a well-prepared plan to offer extended assistance that goes above and beyond what governments or international relief agencies can provide.Together, let's uplift and empower those experiencing crisis, reminding them that they are not alone on their journey to recovery. 

To volunteer with ADRN as a Disaster Relief Shepherd, individuals must complete I AM Ready Basic Training, Disaster Relief Shepherd Training, and have a passed background check.

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Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS)
Online - OnDemand